How to Choose the Right Wire

2019-06-25 00:00

1. Selection of copper core wires: Wires and wires, first to good conductivity. There are copper core wires and other wires on the market. Copper core wire is one of the most practical indoor decoration. However, copper-cored wires can be divided into several types: large radius copper cores and multi-wire copper cores.

2. Wires with strong load capacity: when the electricity consumption in the family is large or small, we will turn on the TV, air-conditioning, computer, light, water dispenser, refrigerator, air blower and so on. If the load capacity of the wire is not strong, coupled with the hot summer, it is easy to make the wire burn because of the high temperature, leading to fire.

3. Good waterproof performance. Some wires are easy to deform and crack. In case of leakage somewhere, it will cause electrical appliances to burn out, short circuit and even cause fire and casualties. Therefore, it is necessary to have a hard outer skin and a good waterproof wire.

4. The main line must be thick core. The so-called main line is to take two main lines between the total power supply and all electrical appliances. The main wire needs to be thick copper core wire, because the main wire is loaded with the charge of various electrical appliances, it needs thick copper wire with good performance. By-pass can choose multi-core line.